The Progressive Preschool Awards 2017 will include 20 different awards covering products, retailers and special awards.

The Retail Awards

  • Best Independent Toy Retailer
  • Best Independent Nursery Retailer
  • Best Independent Apparel Retailer
  • Best Independent Gift Retailer
  • Best Online Retailer
  • Best Department Store Retailer
  • Best Supermarket Retailer
  • Best Mixed Retailer
  • Best Multiple Retailer
  • Best Retail Initiative

The Product Awards

  • Best Preschool Essentials Range
  • Best Preschool Reading or Writing Range
  • Best Preschool Tech, Development or STEM Range
  • Best Preschool Home or Furniture Range
  • Best Preschool Mobility Range
  • Best Preschool Apparel or Accessories Range
  • Best Preschool Toy or Games Range
  • Best Preschool Gift Range
  • The Innovation Award

The Special Awards

  • Best Marketing Initiative Award
  • Best Wholesaler or Distributor Award
  • The Outstanding Achievement Award
If you have any questions about the awards, from entering to judging, attending to sponsoring, please get in touch with Rob Willis 0203 370 4752 or Jo Pilcher 0203 375 2660