Parenting website Netmums has undergone a major overhaul, ramping up its content marketing offering following a major piece of research which has helped brands to better identify and target their ideal audience.

The mobile-first design was created following research into the behaviour of 5,000 users, finding that 74% now accessed the site via a smartphone (up 20% in two years).

The website also identified four ‘mum typologies’ which it is encouraging brand marketers to acknowledge as they tap into each demographic.

These four segments have been dubbed Digital Villagers (the most prolific and likely to engage with content on social), Visual Curators (prefers visual content to text), Life Hack Mums (wants easy to digest content that helps solve a problem) and Always On Mums.

“Brands are getting smarter at understanding the different typologies within the parenting community," explained Netmums managing director Rimi Atwal.

“Where brands sometimes miss an opportunity is where they see a group of mums as one homogenous group – it’s the worst mistake they can make," Rimi continued, explaineing that brands looking to generate engagement beyond click-through rates should consider this research if they want to develop campaigns for the platform.

“While we’ll still continue with our traditional models, we are seeing increasingly that display formats do not create the engagement and the shareability and the attention that mums respond to,” Rimi said. “It’s not just about click-through rates, but time and attention.”

Aviva and Aldi have already begun to make the most of this research in order to shape the advertising campaigns they run with Netmums.